Monday, July 30, 2007

Time to Get Started

Oh Well Here We Go....

I have long considered blogging to be a further indicator of the increasingly individualistic culture which pervades the western world, in some ways a close relative to whatever demon fuels the endless drivel of the 'celebrity culture' which predominates so much of what passes for culture these days.

I have succumbed however to this activity since I felt that it was particularly futile to post occasionally on others blogs and be ignored, when I could have my own blog and be ignored.

Apart from that I will be attempting to posit the notion that there are still some of us who are believers in the possibility of a world that is run more rationally, than the purely 'for profit' mayhem which predominates today. The title of the blog speaks for itself, but I think you will find that I am surprisingly different in my take on things than perhaps the pigeonhole you may have already put me in might suggest.

So stick around and I shall hopefully get to know some of you a bit better, and some of you may get to know that an unrepentant red like a good bottle of Shiraz can be a worthwhile companion on occasions, you may not enjoy what I write, and you may well not agree, but I hope you will read what I write with an open mind


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