Wednesday, August 1, 2007

'Hurrah for Our Boys'....(families not welcome)

It is one of the most enduring conundrums of the British class system, that allows the average British soldier to be lauded as a hero by the overwhelmingly right wing middle classes when in service in the interests of the British crown, whilst being suddenly consigned back to the ranks of the great unwashed once wounded. Much better to be a dead hero in the minds of many Daily Mail reading patriots than to offend the eye and the sensibilities of folk by being wounded, or even worse disfigured in some way. Now in an attempt to facilitate the families of British servicemen grievously wounded in Iraq SSAFA have sought planning permission to upgrade a large house in a leafy suburb in Surrey to provide accomodation for the families of wounded soldiers visiting the nearby rehabilitation centre.

The patriotic residents of this true-blue patch of Southern England have responded with a storm of objections to the proposal to provide accomodation to the families. This little story speaks volumes about the hypocrisy of a certain style of British patriot , who with their union jacks in hand cheer on 'our boys' in Iraq or elsewhere, but heaven forbid that they might have to rub shoulders with the wives and families of the resultant wounded soldiers......
In the end, whatever the reasons advanced to oppose the SSAFA planning permission I am sure that its the prospect of baseball capped track suit clad 'chav' relatives of wounded squaddies strolling in and out of their street which is exercising these particularly charmless residents.
Was'nt it Disraeli who coined the phrase 'Two Nations' to describe Britain, how true and how sad.


Renegade Eye said...

Very powerful post. File it under Google keyword hypocrisy. They are not good neighbors.


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