Thursday, June 5, 2008


Opponents of the European Union's reform treaty have overtaken the "Yes" camp for the first time ahead of Ireland's referendum on the pact next week, a new opinion poll showed on Thursday.

Ireland is the only state planning a referendum on the treaty meaning that a country accounting for less than 1 percent of the bloc's 490 million population could derail a pact designed to streamline the running of a fast-expanding EU.

A TNS/mrbi poll to be published in Friday's Irish Times showed 35 percent of people surveyed intend to vote "No" in the June 12 ballot, more than double the 17 percent seen in the newspaper's last survey three weeks ago.

The opinion poll, details of which appeared on the Irish Times Web site in advance of publication on Friday, showed those planning to vote in favour of the treaty stood at 30 percent, down from 35 percent in the previous poll.

The proportion of undecided voters was 28 percent while 7 percent said they would not vote, according to the survey of 1,000 voters conducted throughout Ireland.


David Duff said...

"could derail a pact designed to streamline the running of a fast-expanding EU"

"You cannot be serious!" to quote phrase. This treaty was supposed to have been derailed years ago when the French voted against it, but here it is, back again, and if the Irish vote it down, it will re-appear within a year.

Anonymous said...

GABRIEL REPLIES....I think most commentators agree that a NO vote in Ireland would be the death knell of Lisbon...although I do not fully comprehend what your point is David, are you suggesting not to bother voting 'no' because 'they'll 'bring it back anyway? That may be true, but for what it is worth I intend to use my vote to make that process as tricky as possible for the undemocratic EU political elite who wish to foist their own political agenda upon an increasingly unwilling European populace...Your point sounds like the counsel of despairto me, which is of course what the unelected EU mandarins would be most gratified by...

David Duff said...

No, no, Gabriel, please do vote, but don't harbour any illusions that a 'NO' result will alter the inexorable advance of the Eurocrats and their glove puppets, the Europols.

I have, on occasions, been a trifle rude about your countrymen but I take it all back - Do It, Ireland, England expects! - oh dear, I don't think that sounds quite right, but you know what I mean!

Nicholas said...


Can you tell me what the political /party /class forces that are in play around this vote? How are they playing the issue? National sovereignty? Protectionism? Laborite anti-free marketism?


a very public sociologist said...

I'm looking forward to your analysis later. It will certainly be an interesting outcome!

Anonymous said...

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