Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Snow, Ice, Listowel, Crashed Almeras, A Bought 1.9 Skoda Fabia, a Conversion to Hats...ALL Conspire to Delay Unrepentant Communist Postings....

Apologies to all the regular readers of Unrepentant Communist for an absence of posts since my wildly optimistic January posting, ah that wonderful space rocket and that progressive wish list...We embarked upon the hardest winter that we have seen in Ireland for at least 40 years and this had a huge impact upon me. I thoroughly enjoyed the sharpness of the air and the extremity of the weather. Something about those sub zero temperatures were much more ascetic than that kind of drab rainy nothingness we have been experiencing in recent years. We are all encouraged to put this down to 'global warming' but this wonderful hard old fashioned winter has hardened my scepticism about this whole global warming concept. In fact my scepticism about many 'Green' issues have been growing in direct proportion to the length of time that the utterly laughable Irish Green Party, led by the hapless careerist John Gormley, continues to prop up this horrendously incompetent Fianna Fail government. Basically Ireland is governed by a kleptocratic majority party acting in the interests of the very well feather bedded Irish rich, that bunch of Fianna Fáil gangsters, have been loyally supported through thin and thinner by a crowd of carrot crunchers, the 'Green Party', who have sold out any principles they once held for the taste of power and the tasty prospect of the lavish ministerial pensions dished out to all ex-ministers here, Martin Cullen the recently resigned Minister and TD for Waterford, will receive a €140,000 payoff and an annual ministerial pension of €110,000 per annum for life, thats going to buy him an awful lot of Ralgex for the old back pain.
Despite my liking of the winter weather I paid the price for the love affair, writing off the trusty Nissan Almera in a spectacular ice derived overturning in West Limerick. I was rescued by some local neighbours who were the epitome of good grace and hospitality. Martin, the man whose land I crashed onto, not only provided me with tea, but also pulled the car out of the field and kindly transported me back to my home about 17 miles away. Events like this confim in me my belief that fundamentally people are hard wired to be helpful and kind to each other, and that it is only the capitalist system that sustains and nurtures that selfish side we all possess.
The outcome of Nissan destruction day was
a) the purchase of a Skoda Fabia,which delightfully still retains something of the old Lada about it I think...ha ha... Whether that is true or not I must say that the 1.9 Skoda Fabia diesel is a better car than the Nissan 1.4 Almera, it is saving me A FORTUNE in running costs, I would estimate, a pproximately 35% cheaper per month.
b) a delayed reaction in terms of the fact, that although not physically damaged, I think that the whole incident shook me up FAR more than I first thought. Everything became a struggle and I think that I was suffering from a bit of shock. This culminated in a day or two of gloomy and negative thoughts a full week and a half after the accident.
c) A kind of scaling down of activities of all sorts and a period of just kind of hibernating, this involved sadly, a failure to post on the old 'Unrepentant Communist' blog. My belief systems were not altered in the slightest, just I could not summon up the energies to be posting as normal. I hummed the Soviet national anthem a few times in a desultory way and even tried to force motivation by a rousing chorus of Eisler and Brechts Einheitsfrontlied but the energy would not come...
d) last but not least I have discovered that if it is cold, minus 4 and 5 on a regular basis, then ones head gets cold, for this there is an old fashioned and rather pleasingly sartorially distinctive remedy, namely, the wearing of a hat. I find that wearing a hat is now as natural to me as putting on a coat. It is distinctive and above all it keeps your head warm. A further aspect of it, is that once you have grown used to wearing a hat, it is difficult to go out without one, without feeling somewhat exposed and naked...

I suppose the very fact that this post has appeared is self evidence of the fact that I am at last returning to my old form...I hope that we will share many more posts together in 2010, now that we are almost entering something akin to Spring, even though it is still regularly registering minus 4 every night by 8pm in South West Ireland....As for Global Warming???...My John Gormley!


Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!! Glad you're alive and well, John. Cheers, Calvin

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back, comrade

Anonymous said...


Muddz said...

Good to know you survived without injury, comrade.
Keep up the good work on this informative and often entertaining beautifully laid out blog - mine is so unutterably boring when compared to it! (I must try harder) Very best wishes.

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