Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sex and the City II....Brilliantly Demolished by Mark Kermode

I have despised 'Sex and the City' since I first had the misfortune of having seen parts of it when it was on the TV. I note that a second film has been made, and I know that not having seen it I should not participate in slagging it off...Yes I know that I am not part of the target market, but there is an authenticity to Mark Kermode's criticism that suggests to me that I would in all likelihood find myself in complete agreement with him..
That apart I just have to admit that this outpouring by Mark Kermode, is despite his promise NOT to indulge in a rant, is one of the highest class rants I have heard in recent times....and boy that film sounds like it thoroughly deserved it....Yet otherwise reasonably intelligent women will still go and see it....It is one of many aspects of human life that is a complete mystery to me, the older I become,  the more mysterious and puzzling certain aspects of human life and culture become....


Anonymous said...

Thanks. Mark nails it. Consumerist drivel.

Rabelais said...

Thanks for this Unrepentant.

Here's a review of the film you might enjoy also:

Mark K references this at the end of his own review.

I wonder though, is it possible that the film is so grotesque that it actually ends up as a critic of vacuous consumerism? I remember years ago there was audience research carried out into follows of Dallas. On group who had no immediate experience of the USA watched it and assumed that it was a damning indictment of American capitalism.

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It's a really good review, based on a class point of view.

Revolutionary greetings!

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