Wednesday, August 12, 2009

CAMINO de SANTIAGO de COMPOSTELLA- Back from a 500 mile trek across Northern Spain..

If you are in any way a regular or semi-regular visitor to the Unrepentant Communist blog you may have noticed I have been rather low on postings in the past 6 weeks or so. This is because I have been engaged in a bit of recidivist catholic behaviour, that is indulging my ambition to complete the ancient and very challenging Camino pilgrimage.

I did it to mark my 50th birthday on the 14th of August, and it proved a suitably challenging and memorable way of marking my impending half century on this beautiful but sadly very mismanaged planet. I dont think there is anything I can say that will sum up the experience, save that I met some wonderful people whilst walking across Spain for 5 and a half weeks, and that I would recommend it to any one interested in an unforgettable and very moving personal experience. I dare say that 'Unrepentant' will resume its outpourings of nostalgic and whimsical as well as occasionally topical quasi-stalinist musings, but I suspect that the perspective I have derived from walking the Camino will stay with me for better or worse, probably I suspect, the better. Above I have posted some striking photos of the Camino to give people a flavour of this ancient and emotionally evocative journey.