Friday, January 1, 2010


Here at Unrepentant Communist we are extending to you our warmest New Year greetings, and we continue to hope for a Progressive 2010.... What could that mean...

1) The USA will resist the growing internal neo-con lobby within the military industrial complex for a conflict with Iran or Venezuela

2) The forces of progress will continue to hold firm and hopefully advance in Latin America

3) The onslaught against public and private sector wages here in the Republic of Ireland will be resisted by a united trade union and labour movement.

4) In the UK the coming onslaught against the Public sector will be stymied by a united resistance from the labour movement.

5) Some progress will be made to resolve the continued scandal of the occupation of the lands of the Palestinian people by the Zionist state.

6) Russia will maintain its autonomous foreign policy and hopefully progressive forces will advance in the former USSR in the wake of the deepening economic crisis.

7) In the wake of a deepening capitalist crisis, the alternative as proposed by socialists throughout the world will be increasingly heard as being relevant by new generations. The burgeoning anti-democratic power of the EU in our everyday lives will be tempered by resistance led by progressives such as Irish MEP Joe Higgins and others of a similar perceptive viewpoint.

8) Cuba will retain its socialist identity and resist pressure for 'reform' which is an ill disguised code for the dismantling of the socialist state. Many greedy eyes in the USA are eying Cuba with undisguised relish. The reversal of socialist power in Cuba would be a major set back

9) The USA and the UK and the other 'allied powers' will withdraw from Afghanistan and save the shedding of any more wasted young lives in a futile attempt to prop up the the thoroughly corrupt Karzai regime.

10) China will recognize that its 'great experiment' with capitalism has been an unmitigated disaster for its people, its environment, and the hopes of the people of the world for social and economic progress in China.