Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bill Maher- US LiveTV Host Gives 9-11 Conspiracy Nuts a Reality Check

I had never heard of this guy before, but I have to admit that I rather enjoyed viewing the reaction of US live chat show host Bill Maher to his discussion on Science and evolution being repeatedly interrupted by 9-11 Conspiracy theorists.I was also quite interested in the context surrounding the disruption of Mahers popular TV chat show, one of the very few remaining pieces of live TV in the whole of the USA. Maher, is known for his political satire and sociopolitical commentary. His commentaries target a wide swathe of topics,from the right-wing to the left-wing, bureaucracies of many kinds, political correctness, Hollywood, the mass media, and persons in positions of high political and social power, among many others. He supports the legalization of cannabis and gay marriage.Maher, who inevitably given his surname is half Irish. his Mother is Jewish,adopted the sort of approach that would be adopted by more than one bar proprietor I know here in County Kerry when confronted by a troublesome customer , namely he got stuck in personally to the ignorant obsessives who had infiltrated his audience, despite the fact that he was discussing a completely different topic. Incidentally the combination of Irish and Jewish genetics would be guaranteed I am sure to produce an interesting outcome,and seeing Maher does nothing to disabuse me of that notion.
He had attracted the '9-11 truthers' ire by being more than a little dismissive of their rather peculiar theories about the attack on the Twin Towers. These people represent a significant minority in the USA who are not convinced that the Twin Towers was brought down simply by hi-jacked jets, or rather to be more accurate they believe that the whole 9-11 conspiracy was actually directed from the Whitehouse in advance, in order to permit an attack on Iraq. Well the bit about the attack on Iraq I find the least contentious, however I do draw the line at suggestions that the buildings were already primed with explosives in order to ensure that they collapsed. Nor do I believe that one of the jets approaching the Twin Towers fired an explosive missile before it impacted the building. Such ideas and notions gain currency in societys where people are partially conscious that they do not really live in anything like as democratic a nation as they are repeatedly told they do. They are aware that dark and mysterious forces make decisions behind the scenes, decisions which are made in the interests of a tiny plutocratic minority. So naturally they feel powerless and alienated, and will in reaction to this sense of impotence and fear sometimes fall prey to some of the more bizarre conspiracy theories which seem to gain such a following in the United States. The reality is less dramatic, less sinister, and for some I suppose, less fascinating. The reality is that the USA funded, trained and armed radical fundamentalist Muslims to fight a bloody guerilla war against the Soviet Union and the Progressive forces in Afghanistan. When these fundamentalist Islamist groups defeated the forces of socialism in Afghanistan, it was'nt long before they became profoundly incensed by the presence of US soldiers, including to their particular disgust women soldiers, in the 'land of the Prophet' (Saudi Arabia). This affront in combination with the USA's role in promoting the goals of Zionism in the Middle East earned their former allies in Afghanistan the eternal ire of the radical islamists. Al Qaeda, a grouping established from ranks of the demobbed gun-happy medievalists who fought with US and Saudi funded weapons to prevent evils such health care and literacy in Afghanistan, took the war to the USA with their murderous terrorist attack on the USA. The power elites of the USA, especially those around the Oil industry and the Bush family in Texas, subsequently used the huge sentiment against Islam amongst the American people, to seize the opportunity to take control of oil rich Iraq by launching a disastrous and ill planned war, which is still dragging on and which it is now widely agreed has been roundly lost. So how about that for a Conspiracy theory? Making noises in TV studios about your pet theory is a pathetic form of campaigning, it is ineffective, individualist, and certainly guaranteed to get the average TV viewers backs up. Mahers reaction may have been somewhat theatrical, but I applauded his candid no -nonsense reaction to these time wasters. If some of these 9-11 'truthers' got off the minutiae of the actual attacks, and focused instead on the underlying roots of 9-11 they would find plenty of conspiracy to consider. They may also realise that they would be better being active in the Anti-War movement in the USA, rather than wasting their time advancing such far-fetched theories in TV studios. The reality of the actions of modern day, 21st century, imperialism is far more chilling and scary than any comic book fantasy about explosive charges in the Twin Towers.


Frank Partisan said...

I'm with you 100% on that post.

The 9-11 Truth people give me the willies. It is a big conspiracy to keep quiet.

sonia said...

I have a nagging suspicion that those who propagate 9-11 conspiracy theories probably work for the CIA.

CIA opposed the Iraq War, but not out of any pacifism, but simply because they prefer to make deals with dictators rather than to overthrow them.

With those 9-11 conspiracy theories, CIA is killing two birds with one stone: making the anti-war radicals look nutty AND getting back at Bush for throwing a monkey wrench into their carefully constructed system where US supports the Middle East dictators in exchange for cheap oil...

Anonymous said...

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